The first step …

… is always the hardest. I encourage you to take this step and seek contact, so that you are no longer alone with your struggles. We will walk together and find solutions for you.

What will happen after getting into contact with me?

These will be THE NEXT STEPS:

  1. We’ll set up an appointment. .
  2. At our first appointment (usually 60 minutes), you can tell me in detail what troubles you. If it is a clear-cut, smaller issue, we will solve it immediately, and this one appointment might be enough for you. This is called a “mini-psychotherapy”, and we can leave it at that, if you wish (prices).
  3. Usually, however, the first appointment is to get to know each other in order to arrange a longer therapy. In this case, our aim is to understand your inner conflict(s) at large, from which we can then derive your personal goal(s) and thus plan our counseling process together. After this first session, you can decide if you feel comfortable with me and a long-term counseling.
  4. In order to better understand your issues and formulate your therapy goal(s), you will get a questionnaire to fill out at home. If you decide for a long-term counseling with me, you are asked to bring this back to our second appointment.
  5. According to your goals and wishes, we will decide upon the probable length of your therapy and the intervals in which we meet.
  6. Moreover, we will draw a contract which states the steps you can take in order to reach your goal(s). I as your counselor will encourage and support you on your way, but it is you who will walk step by step.
  7. After 6-8 appointments, we will have an interim evaluation and decide whether we are on the right track towards your goal(s), and if you are satisfied with your inner progress. If necessary, we will make some adjustments. Or we might decide you feel now strong and happy on your own now – which always includes the option to consult me again if needed.

The most important aspect is that you feel understood and appreciated during your counseling, so that you feel safe to open up and talk freely. It will always be you who decides the pace, direction and goal of your inner journey with me.

A psychological counseling process is, like any other process of inner development, exciting, sometimes difficult and exhausting, but often full of energy, relieving and rewarding.

Wherever your inner way leads you – I am curious to get to know you and looking forward to accompany you on your journey.

Quaeque via primo passu incipit.
Every journey begins with the first step.


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