Seminars & Lectures


I am happy to be a speaker at your conference, workshop or seminar. Feel free to ask me for any topic in the field of theology, psychology or life management. Below, you will find a wide range of suggestions for topics I have already covered. Of course, I am open for new topics any time, just let me know your ideas.


Prices for workshops, seminars and lectures vary according to their length and complexity of the topic. Please let me know what you expect, and we will discuss the price suiting both sides.


I offer my lectures, seminars and workshops in German, English, Hungarian or multilingual.


The following topics are mere suggestions. Other topics are possible, please don’t hesitate to ask.

I. Topics on Love, Marriage and Family

  1. Every Jack will find his Jill: How to find your dream prince(ss)
  2. The Five Love Languages
  3. Love is Like a Garden – How to Make Your Love Grow
    Workshop consisting of 3 parts:
    Seasons of a Marriage“: phases of a marriage, each with their potential and    dangers
    The Garden of our Marriage“: areas of a marriage, each with their potentials and problematic issues
    Flowers for our Marriage“: Love Languages, Love & Respect, and much more
    The 3 parts of this workshop can be booked together (e.g. for 3 evenings, one whole
    day with 3 parts, etc.), or you can pick either one separately.
  4. Sex, Desire, Addiction
    This lecture is about healthy love, relationships and sexuality as well as about problematic sexual behavior, desires and addictions such as pornography. I will analyse causes, identify negative consequences and discuss solutions to find a way out
  5. Marriage and Freedom – Real Option or Contradiction?
  6. Postpartal Depression
  7. I Want it All and I Want it Now: Motherhood in Our Modern Society
  8. How to Raise Children Multilingually
  9. How to Deal with Death and Grief in the Family
  10. What does the Bible Say on Sex and Marriage?
    From Genesis 1-3 over the Song of Songs to Matthew 19, 1st Corinthians 7+13  and Ephesians 5: new and suprising insights that will enrich your own marriage. This seminar can be held as a series as well as a single workshop.

II. Topics on Faith and Theology

11. Sects
How to recognize a sect, how to deal with their members (e.g. within the family
or with a friend), and how to understand them better.
12. Miracles – From the Theological and Scientific Viewpoint
My talents: Gift and Calling
How to Lead a Life of Light and Trusting the Missionary-Transforming Power
of Christ’s Spirit
No Fear of Dealing with Critical Questions on Faith and the Bible
Theodicy – Adam, Ijob, You and Me: Why Do We Suffer?


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