Range of Therapies

Coaching, Therapy and Pastoral Care german flag gif animation

  • Psychological and Systemic Counseling for all types of psychological conflicts
  • Working on biographical issues
  • Stress reduction, burn-out and setting boundaries
  • Working through grief and mourning
  • Postpartal depression (co-operation with a doctor required!)
  • Inner conflicts in times of transition (relocation, studies, job, personal changes, family, birth and death, …)
  • Conflicts of self-worth and inner boundaries
  • Personal crises
  • Decision making
  • Search for meaning in life

Marriage Counseling

  • Communication problems
  • Financial conflicts
  • Family conflicts (children, in-laws, …)
  • Sexual conflicts
  • Conflicts of gender and family roles
  • Conflicts of intimacy and distance
  • The „problematic third party“ in relationships
  • Question of continuation of the relationship or breaking up
  • Premarital coaching
  • Cross-cultural couples

Coaching for parents

  • Inner conflicts with nursing
  • Postpartal Depression (in co-operation with a medical doctor)
  • Resolving birth traumas
  • Transition of partner roles and role-shaping as parents
  • Sibling rivalry and jealousy
  • Sleeping issues
  • Feeding issues
  • „Terrible twos“ and noncompliance issues
  • Finding your personal parenting style
  • Learning issues, school problems
  • Raising children bilingually or multilingually

Counseling via Skype, Zoom, email or by phone is possible.

Counseling is offered in these languages:
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