About me

>   born in Germany in 1973
german flag gif animation>   childhood in Germany, Hungary, and Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
>   B.A. in Theology, English, German as a Foreign Language, and Psychology at the University of Heidelberg (Germany), the University of Kentucky  (Lexington, U.S.A.), and the University of Stirling (Scotland)
>   M.A. in Theology and English at the University of Heidelberg, Germany
>   Teachers’ Certificate (1.+2. Staatsexamen) in Heidelberg, Germany.
>   Pastoral Certificate (1. Kirchliches Examen) of the Protestant Church of Germany (Evangelische Landeskirche in Baden) in Heidelberg, Germany.
>  teacher of German as a Foreign Language, English, and Religious Education in  Heidelberg, Germany, and Lexington, KY, U.S.A., since 1996
>   work as a coach, pastoral caregiver, therapist, speaker, and author since 2003
>   married since 1998, 3 children
>  active church member in the Prostestant Church of Germany and the Evangelical Free Church Heidelberg (Baptist) since 1988 resp. 2006


> B.A. in Psychology at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, and the University of Kentucky, Lexington, U.S.A.
>  M.A. in Theology at the University of Heidelberg, Germany
> continuous training in pastoral care and psychotherapy with numerous different organizations, e.g. TeamF, the Protestant Church of Germany, IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students), etc.
>  training in Systemic Psychotherapy with the International Society of Systemic Therapy (IGST, Internationale Gesellschaft für Systemische Therapie) in Heidelberg, Germany
>   training for the degree of Psychotherapy according to the German Law of Healing (HPG, Heilpraktikergesetz) – in progress
>   coaching and counseling for individuals and couples since 2003

>   grown up in the Protestant Church of Germany
>  personal and spiritual growth due to my theological studies and mainly the impact of the IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students)
>  based on the creed of the Evangelical Alliance (Evangelische Allianz) in Germany

Christian influence on the counseling process

If desired by the client, prayer is offered, and the Christian faith can be made part of the therapeutic process.

If the client feels distant or indifferent towards faith, it will not be part of the theray. The content and process of the therapy depend on the wishes and personality of the client.

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